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During his tenure, five national parks in Ayubia, Chitral, Sheikh Badin, Saiful Malook and Lalashure, three wildlife sanctuaries in Agram Basti, Borakka and Manshi and 36 games reserves have been set up in NWFP with the objective of wildlife and biodiversitys conservation and protection. He is also the architect of Markhor Trophy Hunting Programme as a result of which Pakistan enjoys the distinction of having largest population of the wild specie.
At Octagon Park Apartments, the first Green Building to rise on Roosevelt Island, the challenge of reducing energy usage by 35% (35% reduction below standard is required to qualify) as well as using sustainable materials, achieving environmental conservation and protection of air quality was met after considerable planning.
The site analysis phase examines the landscape in order to identify areas most suitable for development and areas most suitable for conservation and protection. While the site design phase utilizes ecologically sensitive design principles to create a development that uses nature as a model.
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