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Consider yourself warned: After the guv vetoes the Dems' paid family and medical plan, they'll put it in the budget, which means the budget will be vetoed.
Each Jazwares Feisty Pet has a list of likes and dislikes, so consider yourself warned.
Consider yourself warned: There is a new threat blowing up in the news, and it's capable of exploiting most computing devices in operation today.
IF YOU'RE READING this from your desktop or smartphone or other mobile device, consider yourself warned! Digital dependency, a hallmark of the Modern Age, is aging us, according to Dr.
Consider yourself warned. Waiting until October to worry about managing ICD-10 is probably not the best strategic choice.
He declares early on: "I'm just happy if I have a bed, a chair and no one p***ing in my face!" If bad language offends, consider yourself warned, as there is a little of it.
LOWELL -- Consider yourself warned: You're going to need your GPS for this meal.
In a press announcement, Perez - real name Mario Lavandeira Jr - trilled: "I can't wait to make sweet love to the airwaves of British television!" Consider yourself warned.
In a press announcement Perez, real name Mario Lavandeira Jr, trilled: "I can't wait to make sweet love to the airwaves of British television!" Consider yourself warned.
But if you're like the many who have recently found that their summer vacation is set to be taken hostage by the multiple wedding invitations you've received, consider yourself warned because the times they are a-changing.
If you haven't heard of the Dance Dance Revolution craze yet, consider yourself warned. This global phenomenon, where social dancers play a very advanced game of Simon Says to musical accompaniment, is completely infectious.
Consider yourself warned: this may become a Saturday morning habit.