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CTLCenter for Teaching and Learning
CTLCytotoxic T-Lymphocyte (immunology)
CTLCompact Track Loader
CTLCytotoxic T cell
CTLComputation Tree Logic
CTLClose the Loop (various organizations)
CTLComplex Text Layout
CTLCentralia (Amtrak station code, Centralia, WA)
CTLCreative Technology, Ltd. (various locations)
CTLChildren to Love
CTLCentral Operator Control
CTLCreative Labs
CTLControls Library
CTLCommon Control
CTLCorel Transactional Licensing
CTLComplementary Transistor Logic
CTLCertificate Trust List
CTLConsider the Lobster (David Foster Wallace story)
CTLCut to Length
CTLCelebration of Teaching and Learning (various schools)
CTLCévennes Terre de Lumière (French heritage association)
CTLClinical Trial Leader
CTLCorporation Tax Law (various locations)
CTLConstructive Total Loss
CTLCentury Tokyo Leasing Corporation (Tokyo, Japan)
CTLCurriculum, Teaching and Learning
CTLCredit-Tenant Lease
CTLCrossing the Line
CTLDepartment of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics
CTLConstruction Technology Laboratories, Inc.
CTLCentre du Temps Libre (French: Free Time Center)
CTLChrist the Liberator
CTLCustody Time Limit (UK)
CTLCenter Turn Lane (highways; various locations)
CTLCenter for Telemedicine Law
CTLCentre des Technologies du Logiciel (French: Software Technology Center)
CTLCore Test Language
CTLCentre Technique de la Literie (French bedding company)
CTLConstruction Team Leader
CTLChaudronnerie Tuyauterie Launay (French boilermaking company)
CTLCritical Task List
CTLCadmus Technology Limited (New Zealand)
CTLCompass Transworld Logistics (est. 2007; Spain)
CTLChoose the Left
CTLChitimacha Tribe of Louisiana (Indian tribe)
CTLCommercial Testing Laboratory
CTLCharleville, Queensland, Australia - Charleville (Airport Code)
CTLCentre Textile Logistique (French: Textile Logistics Center)
CTLCertificate in Team Leading
CTLCyclotourisme Lionnais (French cycling club)
CTLClinical Team Lead (insurance carriers)
CTLComplex Text Language
CTLCentral Testing Laboratory Ltd
CTLCapacitive Threshold Logic
CTLCarrier Tracking Loop (radio electronics)
CTLCandidate Target List
CTLCoalition Theatre Logistics (Joint US/AS project to improve coalition logistics interoperability)
CTLConsumer Testing Laboratory
CTLCombat Training Launch
CTLCanoga Test Laboratory (NASA)
CTLCredit Tenant Leasing
CTLCode Tracking Loop
CTLCompatibility Test Laboratory
CTLComposite Tape Laying
CTLCommittee on Technological Literacy
CTLCTSS Command Language Controller
CTLCarrier Takeoff & Landing
CTLContingent Termination Liability
CTLComputing Technology Laboratory
CTLConstruction Traditionnelle Loverienne (French construction company)
CTLContractor Tung-Sol (Electronic tubes made by Tungsol for US Army)
CTLConsumables Team Leader
CTLChemical Technology Laboratory
CTLCommittee On Telecommunications Law
CTLControl-Transfer Language
CTLCashier Team Leader (Target stores employee title)
CTLCommand Talking Language
CTLComponent Team Leader (US Navy)
CTLCertification in Transportation & Logistics Program (American Society of Transportation & Logistics)
CTLControl Transfer List
CTLConcurrent Test Latency
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Start with his essay collections A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again and Consider the Lobster. He was a brilliant thinker across many disciplines--such as philosophy, math, movies, and tennis--who laid out his ruminations on the page for all to see.
"Consider the Lobster" and "And Other Essays" remain on view until Dec.
In between the bookend essays, Wallace dissects the reasons why sports stars' absolute calm under pressure paradoxically makes them unable to satisfy fans' desire to know what's going on inside them ("How Tracy Austin Broke My Heart"); asks whether or not lobsters feel pain and whether that ought to affect individuals' decisions to eat them ("Consider the Lobster"); sounds the depths of Kafka's humor for a tragic joyful sanity on spiritual par with Rilke, Kierkegaard, and the Psalms ("Some Remarks on Kafka's Funniness ...").
One frequent topic of Wallace's throughout his career has been the Midwest, both in essays--"Getting Away from Pretty Much Already Being Away from It All" and "Derivative Sport in Tornado Alley"--as well as such stories as "The Suffering Channel" and "Westward the Course of Empire Takes its Way." In Consider the Lobster's "The View from Mrs.
Consider the Lobster's penultimate essay, "Joseph Frank's Dostoevsky," is a review of the fourth of five volumes of Joseph Frank's much acclaimed literary biography of the Russian novelist.
For example, in "Consider the Lobster," a 2004 essay about the Maine Lobster Festival, Wallace contemplates the festivities from the lobsters' point of view, questioning the received wisdom that they cannot feel anything and wondering whether the lobsters' apparently desperate attempts to avoid being submerged alive in boiling water should not raise uncomfortable questions about the implicit power structures coded into traditional ideas of human authority: "is it not possible," he asks, "that future generations will regard our own present agribusiness and eating practices in much the same way we now view Nero's entertainments or Aztec sacrifices?" (64).
In addition, he has written a number of long nonfiction articles for Harper's and other magazines, some of which were collected in A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again (1997) and Consider the Lobster (2005).
as "Certainly the End of Something or Other, One Would Sort of Have to Think." Consider the Lobster 51-59.
So if you haven't experienced David Foster Wallace, try A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again, and Consider the Lobster. Perhaps give Infinite Jest a try.