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2054 of the Civil Code a variety of commission agreement, the latter being the "mandate" the consignee acts on the behalf of the principal, but on his own behalf, that is "the type" of mandate without representation, without details of the quality of the parties (Uliescu, 2015: 453).
When the consignee submits the original of the Bill of Lading to the shipping carrier or his agent, it obtains the Delivery Order, which enables it to start the customs procedures to deliver the cargo.
That includes a proper consignment agreement between the consignor and consignee and filing a UCC-1 financing statement describing the consigned goods in the jurisdiction where the consignee is located.
However, in some cases, the shipper shall be obliged to pay the demurrage stipulated by the shipping line when the consignee does not appear at the port of discharge (POD) to take delivery, for the reasons outlined below.
Goods subject to a "sale on approval" consignment are not subject to the claims of consignees' creditors until the consignee accepts the goods.
12/04/16 For Consignee Sse Pway /Stn Of Qty 60 Nos.
The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute study, which examined ways to relieve traffic congestion in metropolitan New York, surveyed more than 30 shippers, third-party logistics companies, warehouses, and consignees in that area.