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CSOFColorado Springs Osteopathic Foundation (Colorado Springs, CO)
CSOFChina Stationery and Office Supply, Inc.
CSOFComputer Solutions of Florida
CSOFConstant State Of Flux
CSOFChicago School of Fusing (Illinois)
CSOFCellens Struktur Och Funktion (Swedish: Cell Structure and Function)
CSOFCommon Sense Office Furniture (Orlando, Florida)
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So compact is the bottom of the table that the relegation places are in a constant state of flux with teams often rising or falling above the dreaded line each time a goal goes in.
But, such great successes-and their corollary failures-are twists of fate that nobody can logically expect or predict, because viewers' tastes are constantly, frustratingly in a constant state of flux.
With the industry in a constant state of flux, meaningful partnerships are more important than ever, and true partnerships are not built with transactions, but rather with the collaborative achievement of common goals.
For Jackson, the positioning and gestures of the figures are meant to lead the viewer's eye, and define an ambiguous space that pulses in a constant state of flux, as figural imagery and field merge into and arise out of each other.
Human lives may vary, but human beings make their lives around particular values and things, and most of the time the liberal world isn't kind to our particularities because it exists in a constant state of flux. Almost since its formulation, the liberal society and its believers have been under attack from hardy, determined groups of particularists.
Composer Johanna Eranko describes her work, Tired Light, as "kaleidoscopic made up of constant elements, but always changing." There are episodic looping elements of different lengths lending structure and continuity to the piece, while the music is in a constant state of flux. Eranko writes of the title that she had been reading about a debunked theory of astrophysics, where wavelengths traveling through space tire and refract.
With the music industry in a constant state of flux it's great to see up-and-coming artists from Wales being given a helping hand to achieve their goals.
Automated library systems have been in a constant state of flux since their emergence in the 1970s.
Though the Retail industry is in a constant state of flux especially in the fresh produce trade but it would be interesting to determine how is this industry going to change.
What we have seen is that funding for businesses seems to be in a constant state of flux, whether it be the source, the type of funding or the regulation of the providers of funding.
The salon recognizes that style is in a constant state of flux. As a result of their experience and continuing education, the salon's stylists can make informed decisions about hair and design and provide valuable advice about hair care products and services.
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