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His business consisted of buying and developing raw land, including: applying for and obtaining zoning variances, grading plans, street plans, water plans, sewer and storm drain plans, site plans, architectural plans, environmental feasibility studies and development and construction cost estimates. He then subdivided the land and sold it to homebuilders.
In addition to outlining concerns having to do with the project's financing such as the inclusion of outdated and undervalued construction cost estimates and insufficient contingency funds, Silver and Hevesi took issue with the proposal's failure to include a new Madison Square Garden.
technical assistance in forming local mutual housing associations, and the preparation of construction cost estimates for rehabilitating the Trust's first 10 buildings.
To get construction cost estimates quickly (like within a day), and inexpensively (like $80), many builders and architects are turning to systems such as Marshall & Swift's Conceptual Design Analysis.
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