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C3Colorectal Cancer Coalition (Alexandria, Virginia)
C3Command, Control, and Communications (US DoD)
C3Composition 3 (explosive)
C3Consultation, Command and Control (NATO)
C3Capability 3
C3Communicatie Centrum Chemie (Dutch: Chemistry Communication Center; Netherlands)
C3Clarity 3 (Everquest game)
C3Cambridge Community Church
C3Consultation, Command & Control
C3Community Centred Conservation (UK)
C3Schedule III Controlled Substance (USA)
C3Career Captains Course (US Army)
C3Ceramic Cased Capacitor
C3CPU State 3 (normal sleep mode, computing)
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The CAESAR project came about as the result of ongoing efforts by the seven nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Consultation, Command and Control Agency, under the sponsorship of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, to foster interoperability of national ground surveillance systems and to promote integration of the data from these systems into NATO command and control systems.
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