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CDMPCaribbean Disaster Mitigation Project (Organization of American States)
CDMPClimate Database Modernization Program (National Climatic Data Center, NOAA)
CDMPCartilage-Derived Morphogenetic Protein
CDMPCertified Disability Management Professional
CDMPCommunity Development and Management Plan (US Army)
CDMPComprehensive Disaster Management Program (Bangladesh)
CDMPCertified Data Management Professional
CDMPCommunity Driver Mentor Programme (New Zealand)
CDMPCompliant Documentation Management Program
CDMPClinical Documentation Management Program
CDMPComprehensive Diabetes Management Program (online healthcare management tool)
CDMPCargo 2000 Data Management Platform (air freight industry)
CDMPCode Division Multiplexed Pilot
CDMPConsumer Decision Making Process
CDMPConfiguration and Data Management Procedures
CDMPColor Device Model Profile
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Conceptualizing guilt in the consumer decision making process.
Consumer decision making process was firstly familiarized by John Dewey in 1910 which consists of five different stages.
This is the second stage in consumer decision making process in which after identifying the problem or need, consumers starts to searching the information related to products/services attributes, benefits, brands etc.
age and gender, items related to social media marketing and consumer decision making process.
These questions were asked to separately known the impact of social media marketing on consumer decision making process on two different genders i.
As researcher's aim is to find the impact of social media marketing on consumer decision making process so items in this section are related to social networking sites as can be seen in the tables below.
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