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COCentral Office (telecommunications/telephony)
COColorado (US postal abbreviation)
COCommanding Officer
COCarbon Monoxide
COChange Order
COCash Out (mortgage refinancing)
COCurrent Operations
COChief Officer
COCabinet Office
COComo (Lombardia, Italy)
COColton (blood group)
COCertificate of Origin
COCommunity Organizer (Philippines)
COChill Out
COConnection Oriented
COCombat (game, Natural Selection)
COCommunity Outreach
COCellular One
COComplain Of
COcrude oil
COCharlotte Observer (newspaper)
COCompliance Officer
COCardiac Output
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COConan O'Brien
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COCommunications Officer
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COCompañía (Spanish)
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COCombinatorial Optimization (workshop)
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COConsent Order
COConscientious Objector
COCorporación (Spanish)
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COClerical Officer (obsolete, now AO)
COCollection Officer
COClothes Optional
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COCommand Output
COCircle Officer (India)
COCore Operation(s)
COClinical Officer (hospital)
COCommand Operations
COCommitment to Perform (common feature; Capability Maturity Model Integration)
COChief Operator
COConsoleone (Novell GUI)
COCargo Oil
COCombinatorics and Optimization (field of pure mathematics)
COContracting Official
COConvert Out
COConsumer Ombudsman (UK)
COConservation Operations
COConseiller d'Orientation (French)
COCase Operations
COCertified Orthotist (ABC)
COColumbia Orchestra (Ellicott City, MD)
COComitissa (Latin: Countess, Codices And Manuscripts)
COCustodial Officer
COConstraint Oriented
COChosen Overseer
COCoastal Chart
COCircuit Overseer (Jehovah's Witnesses)
COCaucasian Ovtcharka (dog breed)
COCommand Outpost
COCaptive Office (Nortel)
COConsolidated Obligation
COAir Post Official (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
COCiceronian Oration
COCombat Aptitude Area
COCongregation of the Oratory, Oratorians (religious order)
COComercializadora de Occidente SA (Guatemala)
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These amendments involve new supervisory duties for the Consumer Ombudsman regarding geo-blocking.
"If you do not have enough money, it's certainly not reasonable to borrow money for luxurious things," said Miroslav Zborovskyacute, consumer ombudsman at the Home Credit company, as quoted by the TASR newswire.Last year's survey, carried out for Home Credit, showed that Slovaks spend euro120 on food and drinks during Christmas.
Bygghemma Group First AB (STO: BHG), an online retailer of home improvement products, reported on Tuesday that a judgement has been delivered, on 4 September 2018, in the case filed by the Swedish Consumer Ombudsman against the company's subsidiary, Home Furnishing
This means you do not have an independent way to challenge decisions and while the Retail Ombudsman or Consumer Ombudsman may be able to investigate your case, the company does not have to agree an independent case assessment.
The new Consumer Ombudsman aims to fill gaps in the existing system, with experts saying that up until now, many people have faced the choice of having to accept whatever a company offers to put the situation right or paying to go to the small claims court.
Today sees the launch of Consumer Ombudsman, a new offering from Ombudsman Services which has helped more than 1.3million people with energy and telecoms disputes since 2003.
Cyprus is the only country in the European Union that does not have an independent food safety authority or a Consumer Ombudsman, Aristodemou added.
Members of the European Parliament recommend the creation of a consumer ombudsman's office and want the Consumer Markets Scoreboard to be more effective and to contain new indicators.
The EP also invites all the member states to review the advantages of setting up a consumer ombudsman's office.
<p>The change comes after the Swedish Consumer Ombudsman on May 6 announced it had decided that Tele2, Telenor, Telia and 3 shouldn't be allowed to advertise speeds "up to" a theoretical maximum -- for example, 7.2M bps -- that users will never be able to get.
The Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman ruled iTunes' terms and conditions unlawful, and have threatened to fine Apple if it doesn't amend those terms by Aug.
The Danish consumer ombudsman has reportedly found that six airlines are failing to quote the fully inclusive price of tickets on their websites.
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