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CDHBCanterbury District Health Board (UK)
CDHBConsumer-Directed Health Benefit
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The primary stimulus of this so-called consumer-directed health benefits movement has clearly been provided by the perceived need to reduce spending, but its stated goals also include enhancing quality or the ratio of health gain to health insurance spending (value).
We analyzed data from a national health plan inventory to describe the prevalence of consumer-directed health benefits in the United States.
Through a supplemental section, we added questions specifically related to consumer-directed health benefits.
The best available estimates of the diffusion of HRA models in 2002 suggested that perhaps 100,000 beneficiaries were then enrolled in these plans, most of whom were signed up with one of three plans specializing in consumer-directed health benefits (Definity, Destiny, and Lumenos) (Gabel, Lo Sasso, and Rice 2002).
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