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CDPASConsumer-Directed Personal Assistance Services
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The effect of consumer-directed personal assistance services on productivity outcomes of people with physical disabilities.
Liability issues affecting consumer-directed personal assistance services: Report and recommendations.
Over the past decade, to address the IP mode's deficiencies while building upon its commitment to consumer direction, consumers and providers throughout California have banded together to develop, promote, and win funding for what has been hailed nationally as an "emerging model for consumer-directed personal assistance services"--the Public Authority.
The development of the general systems and the specific accommodations necessary to ensure that all PASC consumers and providers benefit from program improvements will provide an important case study and template for addressing questions of equity and accessibility in the design of consumer-directed personal assistance services nationwide.
As states have experimented with consumer-directed personal assistance services over recent years, they have discovered that such services can successfully be made available to consumers of varying desires and abilities for self-direction, provided that supports are available and tailored to the specific needs of consumers.
Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Services: Key Operational Issues for States CD-PAS Programs Using Intermediary Service Organizations.
Virginia's consumer-directed personal assistance services (CD-PAS) program, administered by the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services (VDRS), began providing services to 18 people with disabilities in 1990.