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CUJConsumers Union of Japan (Tokyo, Japan)
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Yasuaki Yamaura of the Consumers Union of Japan called on the government to do a thorough onsite investigation, noting that the U.
TOKYO - The Consumers Union of Japan urged the government on Thursday not to remove its 14-month-old import ban on American beef as a result of what it says is U.
The Consumers Union of Japan (CUJ) and eight other groups, including consumers' cooperatives and organic farming groups, invited similar groups nationwide to launch the network formally at an international symposium on endocrine disrupters in Tokyo on June 20.
beef following the recent lifting of an import ban, a survey by the Consumers Union of Japan and Food Safety Citizens' Watch showed Saturday.
The Consumers Union of Japan and other citizens groups marked Constitution Day by holding a meeting in Tokyo's Sumida Ward, in which about 500 people took part.
The Consumers Union of Japan says Washington should never underestimate Japanese people's sensitivity about food safety and deep-rooted distrust of U.
Meanwhile, the 4,000-strong Consumers Union of Japan protested at a decision made Monday by a panel of government-appointed experts on mad cow disease to call on the government to drop its policy of testing all cattle, setting the stage for a possible easing of the ban on U.
The Consumers Union of Japan, however, has expressed concern that excessive consumption of yogurt could cause a loss of nutritional balance in people's bodies.
Naokazu Takeuchi, founder and former representative of the Consumers Union of Japan, died Dec.
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