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manufacturing applications, which included fiber for carpet and apparel, strapping, sheet, film, food and non-food containers.
These thick sections are visually unattractive, particularly in clear containers, and may increase the cycle time.
He believes containers can help revive that business through their connections with the Oil Patch.
Any slow-growing plant can be kept in a 15-gallon container for at least a decade, and probably longer by means of root pruning.
About 5,000 containers arrive in the theater each month, bringing coalition troops the supplies they need, from beans to bullets.
port security measures are adequate, but could be better, he said, noting that the United States has the technology for GPS tracking of individual containers, but has yet to put that technology to use.
Leading natural food stores, including Whole Foods, offer corn-based biodegradable plastic to-go containers manufactured by NatureWorks.
The items developed under LCADS would be interchangeable with the standard CDS component that each was designed to replace so that a standard parachute could be used with LCADS containers and vice versa.
The main advantage is that reusable containers save you money.
Chiquita expects to handle 30,000 containers in its first year of operation.
For operations that require large capacity, RCP has Roll Out Containers in two sizes--65 or 95 gallons.
Various types of container clamps have been used to position the containers in their nominal location, minimizing crashes.