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CBIRContent-Based Image Retrieval
CBIRContent-Based Information Retrieval
CBIRCross-Border Insolvency Regulations (UK)
CBIRCommunity Budget Issue Request
CBIRCreativity Based Information Resources (database; Buffalo State College)
CBIRCenter for Brain Injury and Repair (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine)
CBIRCentre for Brain Injury Rehabilitation (Royal Victoria Hospital; Dundee, Scotland, UK)
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The Content-Based Image Retrieval was used to depict the experiments of automatic retrieval images from a database, that depended on colors and shapes.
Domingo, "A naive relevance feedback model for content-based image retrieval using multiple similarity measures," Pattern Recognition, 43(3):619-629, 2010.
30] integrated PSO algorithm and k-Means clustering algorithm to realize content-based image retrieval, which used PSO algorithm to optimize initial cluster center of k-Means algorithm.
A content-based image retrieval method is proposed in this paper, which takes both point feature and edge feature as clue.
Proposed systemThe creation of Content-Based Image Retrieval systemsinvolves research on image processing and database design, handling problems that vary from storage issues to friendly user interfaces.
Choras, Tomasz Andrysiak, Michal Choras, Integrated color, texture and shape information for content-based image retrieval, Pattern Analysis and Application, volume10, pp333-343,2007
From the domain of text-based information retrieval a number of methods are known which can also be applied to content-based image retrieval.
Vector quantization is a breakthrough technology providing a novel way to perform content-based image retrieval," said Dirk Soenksen, CEO of Aperio.
Initial content-based image retrieval systems can operate only at the primitive feature level.
Neuromerge: An approach for merging heterogeneous features in content-based image retrieval systems.
We illustrate Diamond with an example from content-based image retrieval.
Database architecture for content-based image retrieval, En Image Storage and Retrieval Systems (Jambardino, A.
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