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CUPCalifornia University of Pennsylvania
CUPCuban Peso (ISO currency code)
CUPCambridge University Press
CUPColumbia University Press
CUPConditional Use Permit
CUPCanadian University Press
CUPCancer of Unknown Primary
CUPCommittee of Union and Progress (Turkey)
CUPChina Unionpay (credit card company)
CUPCentro Unico Prenotazioni (Italian: One Centre Bookings)
CUPContents Under Pressure (radio show)
CUPContent Usage Policy (intellectual property; various organizations)
CUPCursor Position
CUPCandidatura d'Unitat Popular (Catalan countries)
CUPCanterbury University Press (New Zealand)
CUPCommission Université Palais (French: University Building Commission)
CUPContinuous Upgrade Process
CUPCisco Unified Presence
CUPCompetitive Upgrade
CUPCommon Unix Printing System
CUPCode Universel des Produits (French: Universal Product Code)
CUPCarcinoma of Unknown Primary
CUPComparable Uncontrolled Price (accounting)
CUPCentral Utility Plant (University of Colorado Denver)
CUPCondom Use Programme (various locations)
CUPChina University of Petroleum (Beijing)
CUPClarion University of Pennsylvania
CUPControl Unit Port
CUPConsumptive Use Permit
CUPCommon Underlying Proficiency
CUPCopper Units of Pressure
CUPConstructor of Useful Parsers
CUPComponent Unit Price (various organizations)
CUPCompassionate Use Program (pharmaceuticals)
CUPCareers Using Physics
CUPCentralized Ultrasound Processing
CUPCommon Undersea Picture
CUPCOMSEC Utility Program
CUPCarupano, Venezuela - Carupano (Airport Code)
CUPCorrosion Under Paint
CUPCommon User Products
CUPConsolidated Utilization Plan
CUPCataloguing Upgrade
CUPCommon User Processor
CUPCommonality Usage Proposal (NASA)
CUPCatalog Update Process
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There are biological pumps, valves, pipes, filters, wiring, and a lot of contents under pressure.
Talib Kweli voiced the protagonist of the 2006 adventure game "Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure.
The brief hearing heard the cause of the miners' deaths was exposure to flooded pit contents under pressure.
FOUR miners killed in a tragic colliery disaster were all exposed to flooded pit contents under pressure, post-mortem examinations revealed.
A police spokesman said yesterday: "Post mortem examinations have now been carried out and have confirmed all four men were exposed to flooded pit contents under pressure.
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The 22-year-old said today he hadn't played the game, called Contents Under Pressure, but disapproved of its portrayal of graffiti artists.
Marc Ecko's new graffiti-laced action game, Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, is a mixture of third-person fighting, neat acrobatics and frequent stops along the way to get your name up on various surfaces around the future city of New Radius.
Contents Under Pressure was launched weeks after Tony Blair cleaned graffiti in Swindon, Wilts, for the Government's Respect campaign.
Zeises is the author of Bringing Up the Bones and Contents Under Pressure.
At last week's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Atari previewed "Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure," which Atari's Bruno Bonnell says "fuses [Ecko's] expert knowledge of youth culture, his talent as a graphic artist, and his passion for gaming.