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CONUSContinental United States
CONUSContiguous United States
CONUSConterminous United States
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The findings from the commercial seafood dealers' survey (11) revealed that 100% of local seafood exports to the continental United States were shipped airborne.
The program is immediately available to all customers in the continental United States. Customers may contact their Flint Group Flexographic Products regional sales manager, or customer service at 800-556-6742, to initiate the program,
NASA did not want to admit that the hottest year on record in the continental United States was way back in 1934, but had no choice because of McIntyre pointing out problems in the data that NASA could not deny.
13th Space Warning Squadron, Clear AFS, Alaska Primary mission: Missile warning--provides detection, attack warning, and attack assessment of sea-launched ballistic missiles and ICBMs launched against the continental United States and Canada.
"We are so enthusiastic about its quality that we have begun widespread propagation of the grape in our fields." Find out more by calling Scott Rossi of Four Star Fruit at (661) 725-9621, Jack Campbell of Delano Farms at (661) 721-1485, or Darrel Fulmer of Sun Fresh International (whose parent company is licensed to grow and market the variety exclusively outside the continental United States) at (559) 734-5550.
Horizon Lines provides container loading and ocean transport services for Toyota's vehicles between the continental United States and Hawaii.
During this current phase the Army will attain fiber optic connectivity from Kwajalein and to the Continental United States. Additionally, the Kwajalein Space Operations Control Center was established at the U.S.
Jive Turkey also takes orders online and ships turkeys anywhere in the continental United States.
As part of the Department of Defense (DOD) distribution system transformation, the Defense Logistics Agency's Defense Distribution Center (DDC) has installed more than 300 passive radio frequency identification (RFID) portals among the 19 Defense distribution depots in the continental United States. The installed portals support both generation 1 and generation 2 passive RFID tags.
USG's Ceiling Panel Recycling Program accepts panels from the continental United States and parts of Canada.
Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne said more coordinated monitoring by federal agencies, states and universities "will be important this fall as birds now nesting in Alaska and Canada begin their migration south through the continental United States." USDA and the Interior Department are providing $4 million to state agencies to collect samples from specific species of migratory birds winging along four major U.S.
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