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"Technical assistance in creating a contingency plan from DEC is free, when you spill oil, it's not."
Under the ASF Contingency Plan, the national government and local government units (LGUs) shall share the responsibility of financing the needs in eradicating the disease in case of outbreak.
Cooke said for Arizona, the legislative requirement meant having a significant amount of consensus at the stakeholder level to convince the majority of the Legislature that the Drought Contingency Plan would be effective.
It has been decided, he said, that by the end of the year or early January, table-top exercises would be carried out for six of the contingency plans; the Orfeas which concerns pollution, Pyrsos, which is for large fires, the Estia and Nafkratis that concern migratory or refugee flows or evacuation from third countries, and Tekros concerning major accidents.
The Director Health Hyderabad briefed the health measures which incorporated in the contingency plans adding that control rooms will be set up at district and taluka level, availability of required
The spokesman said the IG reviewed the contingency plan for Karachi and other police ranges and also directed that police personnel in plain clothes be present at public places and around places of worship.
Global Banking News-February 24, 2016--Bank of England making contingency plans for EU vote
In light of these facts, the working group has updated the contingency plan.
We need to stay focused on making sure that when fate strikes, be it natural or self-inflicted, we have a well-thought-out contingency plan TO help us through.
Uma October 9, 2010 (JUBA) - A draft contingency plan that seeks to address sexual and reproductive health issues in Southern Sudan has been adopted.
We accomplish this by using Rogers' diffusion framework and supplementing it with additional variables of interest to help identify key variables that differentiate supply chain disruption contingency plan adopters from non-adopters.
It would be wise to add every item that may be used in your contingency plan to a periodic checklist, so that you can truly be ready for that unexpected emergency.
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