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3CChromosome Conformation Capture (molecular biology)
3CCrime Prevention Advice (police incident code; New Zealand)
3CContinuous Cool Country (online radio station)
3CComputing, Communication, and Consumer
3CCompetent Cine Court (movie theater; India)
3CCarbon and Ceramic Company (conductive textiles; Vucht, Netherlands)
3CCompany, Customers, Competitors (marketing)
3CCommand, Control and Checkout (US NASA)
3CConfidential Computer Credentials
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The good news is that Scotland's very own country music station, Continuous Cool Country an offshoot of Radio Clyde is to go UK--wide when it launches on Freeview in the autumn.Until now it's only been available on digital radio and the internet, which means the joys of C&W will reach the wider audience it deserves.
Stars from the world of football have been lending their support to 3C (Continuous Cool Country) - the new country music station which is currently bidding for the up-coming West Midlands FM licence.
3C (Continuous Cool Country), backed by Scottish Radio Holdings and fronted by Holiday Hypermarkets' John Donnelly.
The station, 3C (Continuous Cool Country) should experiment with other artists.
For Geary is the face behind 3C - Continuous Cool Country - one of the 13 groups bidding for the new West Midlands FM radio licence, to be announced in July.
But after stumbling on the modern country music station 3C (Continuous Cool Country) one night while listening in bed, she found her illness began to disappear.
3C (continuous cool country), which is available nationally on digital radio, is owned by Scottish Radio Holdings - an FM station owner in the north of England and Scotland.
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