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However, continuous microwave radiation once a day for up to 7 days efficiently induced LLC tumor cell apoptosis even at the low intensity of 10 mW/cm [sup]2 for 5 min each time.
A continuous microwave irradiation reactor was developed to convert jatropha curcas oil to alkyl ester by NaOH.
The probe is both a transmitting and a receiving antenna; it emits a continuous microwave signal and measures the signal that is reflected off a rotating blade.
When data for all wood MCs were combined, MC prior to treatment with continuous microwave energy was negatively correlated with internal wood temperature (linear regression: F = 16.5; df = 1,68; p = 0.0001).
It utilizes an antenna to emit a continuous microwave signal ramping between 9.55 GHz and 10.55 GHz.
The company's continuous microwave ovens are used in rubber profile curing lines to rapidly raise the temperature of rubber coming out of the extruder up to cure temperature.
Continuous microwave tempering also cuts space requirements and time--up to 98%.
The scheme and photo of a rectifier, which we have designed for continuous microwave, are shown in Figure 1.
The System 2000 microwave booster is said to be a relatively short (10 feet) continuous microwave oven that can be inserted into existing continuous vulcanization lines to help the manufacturer increase productivity.
MARS 5's continuous microwave power delivery combined with patented closed-vessel technology ensures fast, complete, and reproducible digestions - up to 100 times faster than hot-plate methods.
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