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CONOPSConcept of Operations
CONOPSContingency Operations
CONOPSContinuity Of Operations
CONOPSControl Operations
CONOPSContinuous Operations
CONOPSConduct of Operations
CONOPSConsumer Operations (Google)
CONOPSContinental United States Operations
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Runs on one to three 9-v batteries with 500 hr of continuous operation per battery.
Therefore, it makes sense to design these systems for continuous operation (up to 20-24 hours a day, six days a week).
This persistent focus on cost containment led ATPCO last year to review its approach to data protection for its distributed environment and evaluate whether there was a more cost-effective and resilient process to help improve data integrity and support near continuous operations.
He will receive a Meritorious Service Medal for developing "one continuous operations team" between his unit and the port authority.
The most cost effective way to meet both needs is to use the same network infrastructure and remote facilities for both synchronous disk backup (for business information essential to continuous operations) and for asynchronous tape backup (for less time-critical but still important data).
Servers are compute nodes based on blades in an intelligent, high performance, highly scalable, continuous operations fabric.
Fabrics composed of multiple switches enable Fibre Channel networks to grow to very large sizes, thereby enabling continuous operations with centralized control over distributed storage resources.
ISVs will be also be able to win ClusterProven Advanced spurs for additional continuous operation support.
Designed for continuous operation in hostile environments, units can function as standalone monitor or part of closed-loop process-control system.
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