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CRRTContinuous Renal Replacement Therapy
CRRTCarrier Route (USPS)
CRRTContinuous Renal Replacement Techniques
CRRTCaribbean Regional Response Team (chemical hazards)
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3.1.Przedmiotem order is: delivery of fluids and equipment for continuous renal replacement techniques the camera PRISMAFLEX
Continuous supply of dialysis solutions and consumables for continuous renal replacement techniques for perioperative intensive care for 48 months, including borrowings 5 pieces of dialysis machines with rewarming - Continuous Veno-venous hemofiltration (ICU ARO 1x, 1x ICU vascular surgery, cardiology ICU 1 and 2 cardiac surgery ICU).Estimated cost excluding VAT: 16,800,000 CZK Of the contractDivision into lots: no
21 - the substitution fluid for continuous renal replacement techniques,- Package No.
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