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CRDLChippewa River District Library (Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA)
CRDLContract Data Requirements List (US DoD)
CRDLContract-Required Detection Limit
CRDLCaterpillar Reman Driveline LLC (Fargo, ND)
CRDLCARE Research & Development Laboratory
CRDLCentro Regionale della Danza del Lazio
CRDLCassa Rurale di Darzo e Lodrone
CRDLCanberra Roller Derby League (Australia)
CRDLCariboo Regional District Library (Canada)
CRDLCentral Research and Development Labs (Toyota)
CRDLCritical Requirements Deficiency List
CRDLChemical and Radiation Detection Laboratory (Sandia National Laboratories, California)
CRDLContract Requirement(s) Data List (usually seen as CDRL)
CRDLCanadian Roller Derby Promotions
CRDLCentral Republican Diagnostic Laboratory
CRDLContrats Régionaux de Développement des Lycées
CRDLConseil Régionnal de Développement Lanaudière
CRDLChemical Research & Development Laboratories (US Army)
CRDLCA Ransom District Library
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Whether contract awarded to L1 : St-customer Contract Requirement
Activists had argued for the elimination of the work contract requirement as it could be used to limit both the length of permits and workers' options.
Also, DoC has not regularly enforced the contract requirement that CCHPS submit quarterly and annual progress reports describing quality problems and corrective actions, and CCHPS has often not submitted these reports.
This contract requirement is for the design, Build, Supply, Installation, Training, Knowledge transfer and go-live support of an app (or series of apps) to deliver e-enabled notification, Management and reporting of sickness absence to meet the needs of the university.
C [section] 2381 (Contracts: Regulations for Bids) by inserting a new section that would mandate the secretary of defense to require the secretary of each military department, the head of each DOD field activity to ensure that consolidated contract requirement decisions are made with consideration and provision for small business concerns, offering them appropriate opportunities to participate in DOD procurements as prime contractors and subcontractors.
This Is A Rate Contract Requirement, Please Offer Your Prices With Ordering Validity Of 9 Months From Rate Contract Issuance Date.
The total contract requirement adds about 3300 jobs for different stages of building.
Based upon the foregoing, solicitations for the operation of vending facilities must contain a contract requirement that the prime contractor subcontract with JWOD for any JWOD-listed product or service.
Solicitation: Massachusetts national cemetery uniform rental contract requirement for fy 16 (base period + 4 one-year options)
The contract requirement covers the four SNBTS, Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics laboratories (Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow).
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