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CYContract Year
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CYChief Yoeman (rank; US Navy)
CYCyber Yugoslavia
CYChallenge for Youth (Northern Ireland)
CYCommonwealth Year (TV show Andromeda)
CYCommunications Yeoman (naval signals rating)
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Contracts were offered to players who have achieved consistent performances for the West Indies throughout the evaluation period of April 1 last year to March 31 this year, and players who the selection panel believes will feature in the squads for all matches in the respective formats over the next contract year.
At the end of the contract year, which ends June 30, 2018, Balderas could cash out $794.66 per vacation day.
And if it fails either party may terminate the SPA with effect from the end of the contract year in which the termination notice was served in which case the supply period can be as short as 11 years, the agreement said.
Allianz 222 gives clients a 15% premium bonus (1) in the first three contract years. Clients also receive a 50% interest bonus on any interest they earn from their chosen index allocations.
Keywords Sports economics * Free agency * Opportunistic behavior * Contract year * Guaranteed contracts
(i) 17.5% if the Club did not exceed the Tax Threshold in the preceding Contract Year;
Players batted less, indicating that they did not play as often as they did during their contract year. Their study supported the expectancy theory, which assumes "that people have well-defined preferences among various outcomes (rewards) of their actions, and they will adjust their efforts based on those expected outcomes." (14) Krautmann and Solow reached a similar conclusion; they found that long-term contracts do provide an incentive to shirk and that this disincentive led to a statistically significant drop in performance when compared to expectations.
While NQF began work for each of the duties in the first contract year, HHS determines on an annual basis the work NQF will be expected to perform under the five duties each contract year.
TMLM and RHB have targeted an annual first year premium (hereinafter "AFYP") of RM266 million (USD82 million) in first contract year and AFYP of RM547 million (USD168 million) in tenth contract year.
Reed's salary for the first contract year will be a 3 percent increase over his current year's salary of $97,679.
In the year prior to signing the contract (their "contract year"), workers may exert above-average effort to convince employers that they are high quality and thus raise long-term compensation.
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