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While nobody knows for sure the potential effects of radio frequency fields, a common, two-way radio transmits significantly more power than a radio remote control transmitter. The transmitter's power source is also directed away from the operator during use.
Delivering precision speed control and excellent flying stability, it includes a three-channel remote control transmitter that you can fly up and down, forward, and left and right.
The power pack is self-transporting on the construction site by means of caterpillar tracks and an operator controls the Silent Piler by means of a wireless radio control transmitter.
The SCU32, a stationary radio remote control transmitter, will be introduced to the Brazilian market at USIPA.
Cranes can be fitted with both CP Automation and Magnetek products as an integrated package, including power delivery systems, radio remote control transmitters, motor gearboxes, failsafe brakes and variable frequency drives (VFDs).
Security has also been increased following the installation of the Ramdoor as the door is activated by radio control transmitters which are issued to certain Bennett Opie staff only.
Malaysian gamblers bribed security staff at grounds to plant radio- frequency remote control transmitters in floodlight towers so they could turn off the lights, a court heard.
of very light, low-speed vehicles capable of three or more hours of flight which could be controlled by something as simple as amateur radio control transmitters. The vehicles in mind could be brought back after a training exercise and landed on a few square feet of deck space.
Robust, easy to use and configurable, OMNEX mobile control transmitters and receivers stand up to some of the most demanding industrial conditions.