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COQCoenzyme Q (dietary supplement)
COQCertificate of Quality (various companies)
COQCoquitlam (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
COQCost Of Quality
COQCoût d'Obtention de la Qualité (French: Cost of Obtaining Quality)
COQChannel Optimized Quantization
COQControl of Quality
COQCentre Ostéopathique du Québec (French: Osteopathic Center of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
COQCadet of the Quarter
COQCommanding Officer's Quarters
COQCertification of Qualification (NASA)
COQChernoff-Optimal Quantization
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The vertical integration from the spinning of yarn to the manufacturing of home textiles and apparel, allows this company to offer the most competitive prices to its customers and control of quality at each stage.
The frameworks for accreditation and external quality assurance vary from country to country, but generally follow three basic forms: the European model of central control of quality assurance by state educational ministries (Egypt follows this model); the United States (US) model of decentralized quality assurance combining limited state control with market competition; and, the British model in which the state essentially ceded responsibility for quality assurance to self-accrediting universities.
Some of the major benefits of the Elsis are: on-line inspection at high web speeds; automatic data collection and storage to complement ISO 9000 programs; real-time process control; control of quality at all times; statistical evaluation of defect and calibration data; software-aided automatic camera calibration; worldwide technical support; graphics-based user interface and complimentary feasibility studies.
And though there is obviously a higher up-front investment in keeping key processes in-house, Croley says maintaining control of quality and scrap is well worth it in the long run.
* brought therapies in-house, leading to "tremendous cost savings," direct control of quality of care and even enough financial planning leeway to provide pro bono services for patients in need.
4.1 Management Responsibility 4.2 Quality System 4.3 Contract Review 4.4 Design Control 4.5 Document & Data Control 4.6 Purchasing 4.7 Control of Customer-Supplied Product 4.8 Product Identification & Traceability 4.9 Process Control 4.10 Inspection and Testing 4.11 Control of Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment 4.12 Inspection and Test Status 4.13 Control of Non-Conforming Product 4.14 Corrective & Preventive Action 4.15 Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation & Delivery 4.16 Control of Quality Records 4.17 Internal Quality Audits 4.18 Training 4.19 Servicing 4.20 Statistical Techniques
An important feature of QM is control of quality at the source, making each health care provider responsible for the quality of care provided.
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