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IMCONImpedance Control
IMCONInstitute of Management Consultants of Nigeria (Lagos, Nigeria)
IMCONControlled Imagery (intelligence classification)
IMCONInformation Modeling Convergence
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Caracciolo, however unwittingly, retraces the development of gesturalism from the free play of what post-Freudian theorist Anton Ehrenzweig calls nongestalt form(lessness) through more formally controlled imagery to a final stage of gestalt-form(alization) and system(ization).
Again, the Corps's collection management section worked closely with the terrain platoon to secure full-frame national imagery, which was used to develop Controlled Imagery Base--l Meter (CIB01).
To further support the warfighter, NGIC's GIS Team loaded all of the National Imagery and Mapping Agency's standard maps and CIB 5 (Controlled Imagery Base five-meter resolution) imagery, so that they may serve as reference layers in the ArcIMS.
His exotic narrative poems, his polished sonnets, and especially the great odes contain some of the most sensuous and at the same time most carefully controlled imagery since Spencer and Shakespeare.
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