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COWATControlled Oral Word Association Test
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CVLT long-term memory; BVMT TL: Brief Visuospatial Memory Test total learning; BVMT LTM: BVMT long-term memory; SDMT: Symbol Digit Modalities Test; PASAT 3"and 2": Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test; JLO: Judgment of Line Orientation; DKEFS CS: Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System sorting test correct sort; DKEFS DS: DKEFS description score; COWAT: Controlled Oral Word Association Test; BDI: Beck Depression Inventory; STAI-Y: State-Trait Anxiety Inventory Form Y; RRMS: relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis patients; HC: healthy controls.
The Controlled Oral Word Association Test (COWAT) had to be tested with change of stimulus word.
The Table 3 shows the mean scores of younger and older adults on the Controlled Oral Word Association Test (COWAT) total scores and errors.
To examine the memory deficits in younger and older adults Wechsler memory scale (WMS) and Benton visual retention test (BVRT) and Controlled oral word association test (COWAT) was utilized.
The Controlled Oral Word Association Test (COWAT) performance indicated a mild decline in the performance of older adults.
These were later expanded (Ivnik, Malec, Smith, Tangalos, & Petersen, 1996) to include norms for the Controlled Oral Word Association Test (COWAT) letter fluency and the Token Test of the Multilingual Aphasia Examination (Benton & Hamsher, 1978), the Boston Naming Test (BNT; Kaplan, Goodglass, & Weintraub, 1978), the Reading subtest of the Wide Range Achievement Test - Revised (WRAT-R; Jastak & Wilkinson, 1984), the American version of the National Adult Reading Test (AMNART; Grober & Sliwinski, 1991), the Stroop Colour and Word Test (Golden, 1978), the Trail Making Test (TMT; Spreen & Strauss, 1991), and the Judgement of Line Orientation Test (JLO; Benton, Hamsher, Varney, & Spreen, 1993).
Controlled Oral Word Association Test (Benton & Hamsher, 1989; Spreen & Strauss, 1991).
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