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CROMControl Read Only Memory
CROMConfederación Regional Obrera Mexicana (Spanish: Regional Confederation of Mexican Workers, Mexico)
CROMRegional Confederation of Mexican Workers
CROMCervical Range of Motion
CROMCentre de Réadaptation de l'Ouest de Montréal (French: Rehabilitation Center of West Montreal; Quebec, Canada)
CROMControl Read-Only Memory
CROMControlled Range of Motion (walker)
CROMCat Rescue of Maryland, Inc.
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The disc also provides a controlled range of motion when the spine transitions in its combined complex movements.
The controlled range of motion was advised using a hinged knee brace throughout the day for 4 weeks.
Bresnan has been using an uncomfortable looking continuous passive motion machine, which helps aid, his recovery by constantly moving the joint through a controlled range of motion, the paper said.
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