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Con DepConvalescent Depot (UK)
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From 30th June-28th August Walter was in a convalescent depot and then a rest camp, after which he was sent to the Base Depot.
3 Convalescent Depot at Le Treport and on 5th June joined No.
Women like Alice Ross King, who nursed 300 Gallipoli survivors in a convalescent depot she had just set up in a former Cairo amusement park.
It was where Jewish terrorists bombed the Royal Army Medical Corps' convalescent depot in 1946.
6 Convalescent Depot at Etaples on 23rd September, he was sent to No.
I recalled that the Netanya hotel where an Arab terrorist detonated a bomb last month was built on the site of the British Convalescent Depot where I was a patient when a Jewish terrorist blew up our cinema in 1946.
The purpose of this unit was to arrange evacuation of sick and injured animals to large veterinary hospitals in France and England and also to act as a "veterinary convalescent depot" for 1st Veterinary Hospital.
The 1st General Hospital would be joined in quick order by the 2nd and 3rd General Hospitals, along with the 1st and 2nd Stationary Hospitals, the 2nd Casualty Clearing Station, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Auxiliary Hospitals, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Convalescent Depots and the 1st Sanitary Company.
The Muslim suicide bombing of the Park Hotel, Netanya, two weeks ago, reminded me the hotel was built on the site of the British Convalescent Depot where I was a patient when Jewish terrorists blew up our cinema in 1946.
The first thirty six AIF Dental Units were allotted as follows:-- General Hospitals 3 Auxiliary Hospitals 4 Dermatological Hospitals 1 Convalescent Depots 2 Stationary Hospitals 2 Casualty Clearing Station 1 Field Ambulances 12 Light Horse Fd.
Alec spent the time around his seventeenth birthday in and out of hospitals and convalescent depots, always rejoining his unit on discharge, but seemingly never able to remain with the battalion long before once again falling ill.