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COGCaught Off Guard (chat/email)
COGChildren's Oncology Group
COGCouncil of Governments
COGChurch of God
COGCenter Of Gravity
COGCulture of Giving (Boulder, CO)
COGChip On Glass
COGCode Officiel Géographique (French: Official Geographic Code)
COGContinuity Of Government
COGCaptain of the Guard
COGConvention d'Objectifs et de Gestion (French: Agreement on Objectives and Management)
COGRepublic of the Congo (ISO Country code)
COGChanging of the Guard
COGGnome Configurator
COGComponent Object Graphics
COGCommodity Grid
COGCentre Opérationnel de la Gendarmerie (French police operational center)
COGCost Of Goods
COGCrazy Old Guy
COGCommonwealth Observer Group (various locations)
COGChild of God
COGCity of God
COGCoke Oven Gas
COGCourse Over Ground
COGComponent Obsolescence Group
COGChemical, Oil and Gas (industry sector)
COGCoalition of Ordered Governments (Gears of War)
COGCity of Glass
COGCouncil of Governors
COGCloud-Optimized GeoTIFF (Geospatial Tagged Image File Format)
COGClinical Outcomes Group (Pottsville, PA)
COGClusters of Orthologous Groups
COGCommodity Grid (Kits)
COGConcours Owners Group (Kawasaki Concours motorcycle)
COGCANDU Owners Group
COGCommunity Organizing Group
COGCentral Ohio Group (insurance)
COGCost of Gain (in feedyards, cost of cattle divided by pounds gained)
COGConvenience Of the Government
COGCognizance Symbol
COGCommunity Oriented Government (various locations)
COGCluster of Orthologous Groups (genetics)
COGClub Omnisports Gargenville (French sports club)
COGCustomer-Owned Goods
COGCranky Old Git
COGCoalition of Organized Governments (Gears of War)
COGCenter of Government
COGCorporal Of the Guard
COGCertificate of Graduation
COGCampaign for Open Government
COGCommander Operations Group (National Training Center, Ft Irwin, CA, USA)
COGCollaborative Operations Group (Disaster Management Interoperability Services DMIS)
COGCanada Organic Growers (organic agriculture association)
COGChief of the Guard
COGCentralized Ordering Group
COGCurrent Operations Group
COGCombined Operations Group
COGCommon Offset Gather (reflection seismology, GPR)
COGCongress of Gamers (conference)
COGCommunion of Gurhal (Phantasy Star Universe)
COGCovenant of the Goddess organization
COGCompliance Order Guidance
COGCommunication and Outreach Action Group
COGCIS Oil and Gas
COGContingency Operations Group
COGCentralized Operations Groups
COGChernobyl Orphan Group (UK)
COGChamber of Gray (Star-Wars forum)
COGCentral Organization Groups
COGCTF Oversight Group
COGColumbia Owners Group
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Exceptions are allowed if the veteran completed at least 90 days of active duty but was discharged earlier than 24 months for (1) hardship, (2) the convenience of the government, (3) reduction-in-force, (4) certain medical conditions, or (5) service-connected disability.
The court noted that "in government contract cases in which a termination for default is found to be improper, it will be converted to a termination for the convenience of the government, and damages calculated accordingly," (42) and that the contract's Termination for Default clause specifically provided for that same result.
Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding sentence, if the owner or owners upon whom eligibility was based relinquish ownership or control of such concern, or enter into any agreement to relinquish such ownership or control, such contract or option shall be terminated for the convenience of the Government, except that no repurchase costs or other damages may be assessed against such concerns due solely to the provisions of this subparagraph.
United States, (244) the COFC held that upon the termination of a cost-share contract for the convenience of the government, the contractor is not entitled to recover one hundred percent of his costs, but instead must bear his allotted share of the costs.
The appeal was sustained, and the termination converted to one for the convenience of the government.
Charitable Bingo), (396) the ASBCA denied a contractor's claim for breach of contract on the grounds that the government possesses broad rights to terminate contracts, and barring bad faith or a clear abuse of discretion, the board would not overturn a contracting officer's decision to terminate a contract for the convenience of the government.
The termination for convenience of the government clause at FAR 52.
After reviewing the most typical circumstances in which courts and boards have treated government breaches as convenience terminations, the board summarized the applicable law as follows: "[W]here at the time of breach the Government could have exercised its right to terminate the contract for the convenience of the Government, a contractor's damages will be limited to those that it would have received under the provisions of the Termination for Convenience clause.
249-9 states, "If after termination, it is determined that the contractor was not in default, or that the default was excusable, the rights and obligations of the parties shall be the same as if the termination had been issued for the convenience of the government.
Terminations can be grouped into two types: (1) terminations for the convenience of the government and (2) terminations for default by the contractor.