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OFMCONVConventual Franciscans (religious order)
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28) Less is known about the individual friars who served on the Arca, but all were Franciscans, specifically, Conventual Franciscans who resided in the convent attached to the Santo.
Some 1,800 Friars Minor, Conventual Franciscans, Capuchins and Third Order Regular Franciscans attended an April 15-18 gathering celebrating the 800th anniversary of papal approval of the Franciscan rule.
An Indiana province of the Conventual Franciscans is suing the Los Angeles archdiocese seeking reimbursement of any likely costs in a sexual abuse suit against a Franciscan priest who served in the archdiocese.
At roughly the same time, the Conventual Franciscans have relieved a theologian of teaching duties at Rome's Bonaventura faculty of theology.
CONVENTUAL FRANCISCANS of Padua, Italy, honored St.