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CEECivil and Environmental Engineering
CEECentral and Eastern Europe
CEEConsortium for Energy Efficiency
CEEConselho Estadual de Educação (Portugese: State Education Board, Brazil)
CEECommunauté Économique Européenne (French: European Economic Community; est. 1957)
CEEComunità Economica Europea (Italian)
CEEComunidade Económica Europeia (Portuguese: European Economic Community)
CEECherepovets (Russia)
CEEConsejo Estatal Electoral (Spanish: State Electoral Council; Mexico)
CEEConverged Enhanced Ethernet
CEEConferencia Episcopal Española (Catholic Spanish Bishop Conference)
CEECenter for Executive Education
CEEConference on Electrical Engineering
CEEChemical Engineering Education
CEECenter for Economic Education
CEECentre d'Études de l'Emploi (French: Centre for Labor Studies)
CEEConjugated Equine Estrogens (estrogen used in Estrogen Replacement Therapy)
CEECompile Time Expression Error
CEEConsumer Electronics Edition
CEEChina Education Expo
CEECenter for Excellence in Education
CEECenter for Environmental Education
CEECommission Économique pour l'Europe (French: Economic Commission for Europe; UN)
CEECouncil for Environmental Education (UK)
CEECentro de Estudios Europeos
CEECommunity Empowerment and Education (Green Belt Movement; Kenya)
CEECentral European Experience (tourism)
CEECreatine Ethyl Ester HCL (dietary supplement)
CEECentral East-European
CEECenter for Experiential Education (various schools)
CEECertificat d'Economie d'Energie (French: Certificate for Energy Conservation)
CEECentre d'Etudes Européennes (French: Center for European Studies)
CEECollabNet Enterprise Edition (software)
CEECommission for Educational Exchange (various locations)
CEEContinuing Education Extension
CEECenter for Educational Exchange (Vietnam)
CEECentre of Engineering Excellence (various locations)
CEECentre d'Etudes de l'Ennéagramme (French: Center for Studies of the Enneagram; Neuilly-sur-Seine, France)
CEEControlled Environment Equipment (various locations)
CEECenter for Entrepreneurial Excellence (various locations)
CEEComité d'Expansion Économique (French: Economic Expansion Committee)
CEECollaborative Engineering Environment
CEECommission on Rules for the Approval of Electrical Equipment
CEECentre d'Entrepreneuriat et d'Essaimage (French: Center for Entrepreneurship and Spin; University of Quebec at Chicoutimi; Canada)
CEEInternational Commission on Rules for the Approval of Electrical Equipment
CEECentro de Estudios Ecumenicos (Spanish: Center of Ecumenical Studies; Mexico)
CEEConsolidated Enforcement Environment (US DHS)
CEECommittee on Engineering Education
CEECentro de Engenharia Elétrica (Brazil)
CEECentre des Enseignantes et des Enseignants (French: Teachers Center; Canada)
CEECaptured Enemy Equipment
CEECenter of Excellence & Expertise (US CBP)
CEECollaborative Enterprise Environment (USAF)
CEECommercial Equivalent Equipment (Army)
CEEComplex Electronic Element
CEECentre Électrique Entreprise (French: Center Electric Company)
CEECompagnie Européenne d'Exportation (French: European Export Company; est. 1989)
CEECentre d'Etudes des Entreprises (French: Studies Center for Enterprise)
CEECatholic Engaged Encounters
CEECombat Enplacement Excavator
CEEConditional-Expectation Estimation
CEECommunication Electronics Element
CEECentro de Estudos da Eletricidade (Brazil)
CEECenter for Entrepreneurial Education
CEEConfort et Économies d'Energie (French: Comfort and Energy Savings; Sommières, France)
CEECrystal Enantiomeric Excess (chemistry)
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The product is based on converged enhanced Ethernet (CEE) technology to provide InfiniBand-like capabilities to the data centre such as a lossless switching fabric, multi-pathing, virtualisation, fabric-wide congestion management and QoS.
Dell and Juniper say they will also support the IEEE Converged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE)/Data Center Bridging standards and iSCSI for storage connectivity.
According to the company, the Marvell Prestera CX provides 40GbE support, fibre channel over Ethernet (FCoE) support, Data Center Bridging (DCB), Converged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE) features and a low latency mode.
<p>Data center convergence pitch: FCoE and Converged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE), eventually, to run legacy storage protocols over a lossless Ethernet switching fabric; but a legacy of FibreChannel storage-area networks (SAN) to migrate.
<p>The switch supports the imminent Converged Enhanced Ethernet specifications from the IEEE, FibreChannel over Ethernet, Voltaire's virtual switch fabric and I/O techniques, latency of less than 1 microsecond and less than 10 watts of power per port, Voltaire says.
<p>Nortel also says the VSP 9000 is designed to provide a lossless switch fabric in the data center, and will support the emerging Converged Enhanced Ethernet standards for this capability.
Visit the IT Product Guides now.Nortel also says the VSP 9000 is designed to provide a lossless switch fabric in the data center, and will support the emerging Converged Enhanced Ethernet standards for this capability.