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COOPCooperative (IRB)
COOPContinuity of Operations Plan
COOPContinuity of Operations
COOPCooperativa (Italian)
COOPCare of the Older Person
COOPCooperative Observer Program (National Weather Service)
COOPConcurrent Object-Oriented Programming
COOPC++ Object Oriented Programming
COOPContinuation of Operations
COOPCountry of Origin Principle (EU)
COOPCoastal Ocean Processes
COOPCoastal Ocean Observation Panel
COOPContingency Of Operations Plan
COOPCook's Petrel (bird species)
COOPCraft Of Opportunity Program
COOPContinuity of Operations Procedure
COOPCLIVAR Ocean Observing Panel
COOPConsideration of Others Program (US Army Intelligence and Security Command Human Relations Program)
COOPCritically Out of Position
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Examining 35 years of data from Little Barrier Island off the coast of New Zealand, ecologists found a severe decline in the population of Cook's petrel following elimination of the island's cats.
Another interesting element in the Cook's petrel story is that the rats' impact on the birds depended on the altitude at which the petrels nested: the higher the altitude the worse the predation.
In terms of the duration and diversity of seabird breeding in the local area, Mottled petrel, Cook's petrel (Pterodroma cookii), Common diving petrel (Pelecanoides urinatrix), and Hutton's shearwater//Fluttering shearwater (Puffinus huttoni/P.