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CDDConserved Domain Database
CDDConsumer Due Diligence
CDDContrat A Duree Determinee (French: Fixed Term Contract)
CDDCommunity Development Department
CDDCustomer Due Diligence
CDDCommunity Driven Development
CDDCooling Degree Days (weather derivatives / insurance index converting temperature into prices)
CDDCentre de Documentation (French: Documentation Center)
CDDCommunity Development District
CDDConceptual Design Document
CDDCommercial due Diligence
CDDCenter for Development and Disability (New Mexico)
CDDCervical Disc Disease
CDDCell Death and Differentiation
CDDCentre for Disability in Development (Bangladesh)
CDDChildhood Disintegrative Disorder
CDDCenter for Digital Democracy
CDDCern Drawing Directory
CDDComponent Domain Descriptor
CDDCanonical Display Driver
CDDCompact Disc Drive
CDDCustom Design Document
CDDCentre for Democracy and Development
CDDChild Development Division
CDDCapability Development Document
CDDCranky Doodle Donkey (My Little Pony)
CDDConcentration Deficit Disorder (psychology)
CDDChristian Domestic Discipline
CDDCentre for Democratic Development (Ghana)
CDDCyclic Delay Diversity
CDDClosed Door Discussion (Institute of Policy Studies)
CDDCidade de Deus (band)
CDDCombined Degree of Disability (US VA)
CDDClassification Décimale de Dewey (French: Dewey Decimal Classification)
CDDCommon Data Dictionary
CDDChlorinated Dibenzo p-Dioxin
CDDConcept Developement Division (US Army)
CDDChronic Disease Directors
CDDConstruction & Demolition Debris (solid waste management term)
CDDControl of Diarrhoeal Disease (WHO program)
CDDControlled Depth Drilling (technique)
CDDControlling Discharge Date (California)
CDDCapabilities Development Directorate
CDDComplete Discharge Device
CDDClostridium Difficile Diarrhoea
CDDCraniodiaphyseal Dysplasia
CDDCatolicos por el Derecho a Decidir (Spanish: Catholics for the Right to Decide)
CDDContract Delivery Date
CDDComponent Design Document (now called Component Design Description)
CDDClasificación Decimal de Dewey (Spanish)
CDDCertificate of Disability for Discharge
CDDCoin Dealers Directory (UK)
CDDCentro Dominicano de Desarrollo (Spanish)
CDDCourse Descriptive Data
CDDCastillejo-Dalitz-Dyson (poles)
CDDCode Division Duplex
CDDComité Développement Durable (French: Sustainable Development Committee)
CDDCargo Data Declaration Fee (customs; EU)
CDDContent Discovery and Delivery
CDDCuban Democratic Directorate
CDDContent Delivery and Distribution
CDDCorporate Data Dictionary
CDDConventional Differential Detector
CDDCollateral Damage Distance
CDDCentral Data Dictionary
CDDCabin Deferred Defect (aviation)
CDDCaribbean Development Division
CDDCommon Data Descriptor
CDDCentral De-Ice Distributor
CDDComponent Design Description
CDDConfiguration Definition Document (US Navy)
CDDConfirmed Delivery Date
CDDCombat Definition Document
CDDCoherent Differential Detection
CDDCalculated Defect Density
CDDClock Difference Diagram (computer science)
CDDConceptual Design Decision
CDDCrew Duty Day
CDDChrist De Débile
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According to the study, 2018 had the most cooling degree days since 1990.
Furthermore, the dependent variable, COSTj, is also hypothesized to be an increasing function of the higher energy bills resulting from higher summertime temperatures and humidity levels as reflected in a greater annual number of cooling degree days (CDDj), ceteris paribus (Haworth and Rasmussen 1973).
Cooling degree days in FirstEnergy's utility service area were 22 percent higher than in the same period of 2017, and 30 percent above normal.
Reference temperature is essential in determining heating and cooling degree days. The difference (in degrees) between inside temperatures and outside weather temperatures when it drops below a specified reference temperature is referred to as the heating degree day (Fung et al, 2015).
The study suggests that cool roof decisions should be based on a comparison of heating degree days (HDD) versus cooling degree days (CDD).
Third, the energy use was adjusted for the difference in heating and cooling degree days between 2013 and 2015.
Using regression analysis by incorporating population weighted heating and cooling degree days, the study found carbon emissions to be positively related to cooling requirements of household while negatively related to per capita heating requirements.
Heating and cooling degree days are measured separately, so if you're tracking both, you'll need separate spreadsheets for each.
Each edition also contains monthly summaries for heating and cooling degree days (65 degree F base).
The gas market "continues to be under pressure'' as demand-weighted cooling degree days, a measure of weather-related electricity demand, have been below normal, Soozhana Choi, a strategist at Deutsche Bank AG in Washington, said in a note to clients Monday.
coal demand rose sharply in the third quarter with a significant increase in cooling degree days, which helped to draw down stockpiles in the Ohio Valley.
ASHRAE Standard 90.1 (ASHRAE 2004a) provides a classification of climate zones according to the heating and cooling degree days and the atmospheric moisture.