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COHACouncil on Hemispheric Affairs
COHACooper's Hawk (bird species Accipiter cooperii)
COHACessation of Hostilities Agreement
COHACalifornia Outdoor Heritage Alliance
COHACanadian Oil Heat Association
COHACanadian Outdoor Heritage Alliance
COHAChurch of Hot Addiction (Cobra Starship song)
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Bill Mannan of the University of Arizona and his former graduate student Clint Boal, now with the Minnesota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit, have examined this question for Cooper's hawks in Tucson.
A Cooper's hawk had apparently mistaken my slight head movement for that of a munchy morsel and dove to attack.
"Cooper's Hawk is truly a winery lifestyle brand that can retain members and brand loyalists for the long run.
When I pulled the bodies out, I was dismayed to see that they were fledgling Cooper's hawks, probably from the nest I had been watching as part of a study for the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory.
The late Bobby McGee, a posthumous inductee in the Arkansas Golf Hall of Fame, designed an 18-hole course for Cooper, and readers of "Executive Golfer" voted "Cooper's Hawk" the No.
previously detected in a Cooper's hawk in the state of Georgia, USA (13).
Other species taken by red-tailed hawks include Cooper's hawk (Accipiter cooperii; Peyton, 1945), sharp-shinned hawk (Accipter striatus; Klem et al., 1985), and Mississippi kite (Ictinia mississippiensis; Miller, 2005).
Locals claim to have spotted a variety of owl and falcon species, rare species such as Cooper's hawk and the wild turkey, as well as a host of songbirds.
Ornithologist Millicent Ficken was recording bird calls in Arizona's Chiricahua Mountains when she heard the screams of a Cooper's hawk on a nearby ponderosa pine.
Some birds, like the goshawk and Cooper's hawk, excel in taking other birds in forested areas.
Cooper's Hawk also offers a Spiced Cranberry Sangria ($7.25 a glass, $23.99 a pitcher), made with Cooper's Hawk red sangria, citrus, simple syrup and fresh cranberries.
For the second consecutive year Cooper's Hawk, in Melbourne, has been named the top public or daily fee course in Arkansas in an online vote by Arkansas Business and Executive Golfer readers.
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