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COPACComissão Coordenadora do Programa Aeronave de Combate (Portuguese: Coordinating Committee of the Combat Aircraft Program; Brazil)
COPACCommittee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives (Geneva, Switzerland)
COPACCoalition of Politically Active Christians (Austin, CO)
COPACCommittee for the Promotion of Aid to Cooperatives (Geneva, Switzerland)
COPACContemporary Performing Arts of Chattanooga (Tennessee)
COPACCitizen Outreach Political Action Committee (Nevada)
COPACChip Off-Line Pre-Authorized Card
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In Zimbabwe the responsibility to create a new constitution was placed in the hands of the COPAC. As mentioned earlier, the COPAC was the name given to a sub-committee of the Parliament of Zimbabwe (Gwaravanda 2012: 128).
However, people and organisations like COPAC, who are advocating changes in food policy and trying to promote accessible, locally produced, fresh, nutritious and culturally appropriate food, are up against the food industry giants.
It is significant that the three digital information sources indicated as available (consortium of online public catalogue (COPAC), Columbia International Affairs online (CIAO) and Esrc Society Today) accounted for an average of 30% as shown in Table 9.
The February 15, 2012, story claims that the president had summoned his party's co-chairperson in the COPAC to explain why he agreed to clauses that bar him from running for presidency, that legalize homosexuality and the devolution of power, and that are silent on the issue of land.
Two words--bark and treeskin--which are synonyms are translated by one word only (scoarta de copac) for the economy of the line and in order to avoid a repetition which would sound clumsy in Romanian.
In 1998, after the FEC launched probes of Newt Gingrich's political slush fund, COPAC, and Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition, McConnell took aim at the commission's top lawyer, a fast-talking Queens native named Larry Noble.
During that time he was Department Chairman for 21 years, and held other positions such as Director of the Institute for Economic Studies, Director of the Summer School, and Director of the Evening College (now known as Copac Graduate Dean).
Included on these pages are direct links to COPAC, PubMED, the College of Optometrists, the GOC and the AOP legal team, to name just a few.
Ratcliffe reside in Jackson, where Frannie is a senior honors student at Belhaven University and Hall is the Southeastern Services Marketing Representative for COPAC.