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COPANColorado Physical Activity and Nutrition (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment)
COPANCommand Post Alerting Network
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COPAN Systems' Enterprise MAID platform is fundamentally different from transactional storage arrays, in that it is purpose-built for persistent data.
COPAN has always been committed to providing educational resources to those at the laboratory and at the point of care," said COPAN Executive Vice President, Norman Sharples.
Storing persistent data that is infrequently accessed on primary storage systems is a huge waste of both economic and environmental resources," said Jay Gagne, Solutions Architect, COPAN Systems.
Researchers know little about the kings who succeeded Yax K'uk'Mo until the appearance of Smoke Imix, Copan's 12th ruler, whose nearly 70-year reign witnessed the flowering of construction and population growth at Copan.
Data storage is one of the primary drivers of our government customers' data center power and cooling requirements," said Howie Evans, vice president of Dallas Digital Services, a COPAN value added reseller partner.
Numerous independent studies have proven that the use of COPAN Flocked Swabs (FLOQSwabs™) improves the quantity and quality of samples collected and released into different culture and assay platforms.
This is the finest ceremonial offeringthat's yet been discovered in the ruins of Copan,' says William L.
In 2008, COPAN saw a 40% sales increase and a strong adoption of its technology solutions in healthcare, media & entertainment, technology, financial services and government.
From this perspective, cruise ship companies that take millions of tourists to Roatan, one of the most splendid destinations in the Caribbean, are realizing that these tourists have the opportunity to visit Copan, prompting representatives of the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) to visit this fabulous archeological site, as well as the nearby city of Gracias, Lempira.
We have developed WASPLab(TM) with the future of Microbiology in mind and an ongoing commitment to provide a solution for an automated single-piece flow system for specimen processing," says Norman Sharples, COPAN Diagnostics' Executive VP.
COPAN Systems specializes in storing fixed, long-term, infrequently-accessed data, also known as 'persistent data,' which represents more than 75 percent of all data currently under management.
MURRIETA, California, December 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- COPAN has enjoyed widespread use of its flocked swabs line, branded as FLOQSwabs, in microbiology for the collection and transportation of bacterial and viral samples.