COPNCertificate of Public Need (Virginia Commissioner of Health)
COPNCognitive Optimization and Prediction (neuroscience)
COPNCentral Ohio Peace Network
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Using COPN a model template for each component of FAS is built.
In COPN places represent states of the system's objects.
Both COPN decisions are currently under appeal in court.
We can do more good by working together in Virginia Beach than litigating COPN applications.
We know others in Virginia that have intentions to purchase the FONAR UPRIGHT(TM) MRI and we look forward to working with them as they negotiate the COPN process in order to bring this important diagnostic advancement to their practice and their communities.
Although the hospital's inpatient volume is somewhat protected by COPN restrictions, Fitch believes the favorable demographics in Loudoun County, such as high income levels, low unemployment, and substantial growth, will attract competition from niche providers for outpatient business.