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In this scenario, the copolar configurations outperform the crosspolar ones.
Besides, the crosspolar polarizations present higher capacity than copolar ones, in contrast to the performance in LoS ([M.
Therefore, in this scenario, capacity is clearly higher for copolar polarizations although capacity for all configurations tends to converge at the end of the corridor due to the depolarization of the radio waves with distance [31].
Furthermore, as in the corridor scenario, copolar configurations outperforms crosspolar ones due to the fact that the effect of the SNR dominates over the effect of correlation, although the channel is highly decorrelated.
In the case of hemispherical radiation pattern, the copolar component is slightly asymmetric which is most probably due to many scattering objects present nearby the antenna under test.
The nighttime copolar Mie-channel performance of ATLID should be similar to the 532-nm CALIOP channel, but better daytime sensitivity is expected because of reduced background noise due to the smaller field of view, the narrower 0.
High-spectral- of extinction, 355 nm resolution receiver with backscatter, Rayleigh and Mie copolar depolarization ratio, and total cross-polar lidar ratio (all with channels.
Figures 5-7 show simultaneous data at X and S band for reflectivity (Z), copolar cross-correlation coefficient ([[rho].
The backscatter differential phase is generally indicative of Mie scattering effects, as otherwise suggested by the collocated appearance of reflectivity values in excess of 50 dBZ and a local drop of the copolar cross-correlation coefficient to values around 0.
12a) and DWR and X-band copolar correlation coefficient [[rho].
The radar reflectivity and copolar cross-correlation coefficient were objectively analyzed to a Cartesian grid using a two-pass Barnes filter (Koch et al.
hh]), very low copolar cross-correlation coefficient ([[rho].