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CRRRCertified Return Receipt Requested (USPS)
CRRRConnecticut River Raft Race (Portland, CT)
CRRRCopyright and Related Rights Regulations (intellectual property law; UK)
CRRRCommunity Recycling and Resource Recovery
CRRRChemical Risk Review and Reduction (US EPA)
CRRRColorado Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue (Littleton, CO)
CRRRContinuous Release Reporting Regulation (US EPA)
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The e-book reportedly covers such topics as database rights; the application of copyright to websites and intranets; the use of screenshots in presentations; the interface between copyright law and contract law; the Copyright and Related Rights Regulations 2003; and digital signatures.
The Copyright and Related Rights Regulations came into force on October 31 as part of a European Union Directive on the harmonisation of copyright laws.
The U.K.'s Copyright and Related Rights regulations raise a particular concern.