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CPTCarriage Paid To
CPTCost Per Thousand
CPTCurrent Procedural Terminology (medical)
CPTChristian Peacemaker Teams (Church of the Brethren)
CPTCurricular Practical Training
CPTCertified Personal Trainer
CPTCapcom Pro Tour (gaming)
CPTCommittee for the Prevention of Torture
CPTCustom Post Type (WordPress)
CPTClinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics
CPTCollege Placement Test
CPTCentre de Physique Théorique (French: Center for Theoretical Physics; University of Provence; France)
CPTCognitive Processing Therapy
CPTComputer Technology
CPTCape Town, South Africa (Airport Code)
CPTCone Penetration Test (geotechnical)
CPTColumbia Pictures Television (studio)
CPTContinuous Performance Test (Conners)
CPTConvention for the Prevention of Torture (Council of Europe)
CPTConsumer Project on Technology
CPTCahier des Prescriptions Techniques (French: Technical Specification Book)
CPTCamden Property Trust
CPTCold Pressor Test (cardiovascular test)
CPTCommon Procedural Terminology (medical)
CPTChiral Perturbation Theory
CPTCommission Pastorale de la Terre (French: Pastoral Land Commission; Brazil)
CPTCleveland Public Theatre (Cleveland, OH)
CPTComprehensive Physical Therapy (Pennsylvania)
CPTConfederation of Passenger Transport (UK)
CPTCurrent Procedural Terminology
CPTCopy Protection Technology
CPTCorel Photo Paint
CPTCost per Transaction
CPTC Language Precedence Trainer
CPTCorel Photo-Paint (file extension)
CPTCanadian Poker Tour
CPTConditional Probability Table
CPTCommon Planning Time (education)
CPTCentre for Particle Theory (UK)
CPTChild Protection Team (Florida)
CPTChild Protection Training
CPTCertified Performance Technologist (International Society for Performance Improvement)
CPTCoherent Population Trapping (quantum optical physics)
CPTCalcutta Port Trust (India)
CPTCertified Phlebotomy Technician
CPTChest Physical Therapy
CPTClinical Pastoral Training
CPTCentral Park Tennis (New York, NY)
CPTCone Penetrometer Test
CPTCumulative Prospect Theory (risk decision)
CPTCost-Per-Transaction (e-commerce)
CPTComprehensive Performance Test
CPTComisión Pastoral de la Tierra (Spanish: Pastoral Land Commission; Brazil)
CPTCockpit Procedures Trainer
CPTCompagnia Pisana Trasporti (Italian: Pisa Transportation Company, Italy)
CPTCertified Professional Trainer
CPTCare Provider Treatment
CPTCareer Planning Timeline (various schools)
CPTCentre de Promotion du Textile (French: Textiles Promotion Center; Senegal)
CPTCommunity Property Trust
CPTCompetent Person Training (various companies)
CPTCentre de Production Thermique (French: Thermal Production Center)
CPTCleft Palate Team (surgery)
CPTCorrugated Polyethylene Tubing
CPTCritical Pitting Temperature (corrosion)
CPTColor Picture Tube
CPTCapacité Pulmonaire Totale (French: Total Lung Capacity)
CPTCharge Parity Time (particle and nuclear physics)
CPTContinuous Professional Training
CPTParaguayan Workers Confederation (Paraguay)
CPTControl Power Transformer
CPTCommon Proficiency Test (first stage of Examination in the Chartered Accountancy of India)
CPTCommon Proficiency Test (entrance exam)
CPTCone Penetrometer Technology
CPTChunghwa Picture Tube (computer monitor manufacturer)
CPTCentral Place Theory (coined by Walter Christaller)
CPTColored People Time (TV show)
CPTChest Percussion Therapy
CPTCardiopulmonary Physical Therapy
CPTCommand Pass Through
CPTCore Planning Team
CPTChoroid Plexus Tumor
CPTCompliant-Piled Tower (bottom-founded, free-standing offshore platform structure)
CPTClimate Predictability Tool (climate prediction software)
CPTCommunist Party of Tajikistan
CPTClassical Plate Theory (continuum mechanics)
CPTCarnitine Palmityl Transferase Deficiency
CPTCentre Permanent Tertiaire (French: Standing Tertiary Center)
CPTCellular Paging Teleservice
CPTClose Protection Team (ISAF)
CPTCost Paid To
CPTCommand Post Terminal
CPTChief Programmer Team
CPTCumulative Price Threshold
CPTCollarless Polished Tapered (type of hip replacement)
CPTCounterterrorism Pursuit Teams (US DoD)
CPTComposition Placement Test (Canada)
CPTCritical Path Technique
CPTComputer Program Test
CPTConcrete Prism Test
CPTCollision Presence Test (ethernet heartbeat)
CPTCentral Planning Team
CPTChildren's Peace Theatre (Canada)
CPTCorrugated Plastic Tubing
CPTCall Progress Tone Detection
CPTConsejo Permanente de Trabajadores (Spanish: Permanent Congress of Workers, Nicaragua)
CPTCorrect Procedural Terminology
CPTContractor Provided Training
CPTCross-Platform Toolset
CPTConstant Power Throttling
CPTCustom Procedural Tray
CPTCore Penetration Test
CPTCargo Processing Technician (NASA)
CPTPilot Climate Process and Modeling Teams
CPTCollaborative Planning Tool
CPTChild-Pugh-Turcotte Score (liver disease assessment)
CPTControl Position Transducer
CPTComputer Program Tapes (NASA)
CPTCategory-Partition Testing
CPTComputer Project On Technology
CPTClient Process Team
CPTCommissioning Plan Tool (GSA)
CPTCost/Performance Trade-Off
CPTCommand Process Time
CPTChangepond Technologies Private Limited (Chennai, India)
CPTCertified Practicing Trainer
CPTCommon Pilot Tone
CPTCrock Pot Thursday
CPTCivilian Pay Target
CPTCompound Pharmaceutical Technologies (Daphne, AL)
CPTCanara Pinto Travels (India)
CPTCentro Proyeccion Termica
CPTCost Product Team
CPTComparison Production Test
CPTChannel Product Table
CPTCrisis Planning Team
CPTCorrections Program Therapist
CPTChicago Pizza Tours (Illinois)
CPTContinuous Polyethylene
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Therefore, creating readiness requires the formation of a core planning team at the building level.
The core planning team must establish a regular schedule (e.
The core planning team should establish a regular schedule for sharing data (e.
During the creating readiness phase, a major activity of the core planning team is the development of an implementation and evaluation plan.
During the creating readiness phase, the core planning team develops a multi-year action plan that outlines steps for implementation.
In addition, the core planning team will gather information about both the depth of staff support and potential trouble spots in the crisis response plan.
Membership of the Core Planning Team included both service providers and service users - its remit being the development of the award and assorted modules.
When finished with the above, the Core Planning Team presented its set of the Top 10 goals to the company president for approval.
After one year the Core Planning Team process was repeated, starting with a recap of progress toward the original set of goals.
By assembling a Core Planning Team to undertake the bulk of the planning work, ownership for the resulting goals clearly was placed with the employees.
As the three teams met in March, and later during Core Planning Team deliberations, a sense of energy could be felt.
On April 17, 2001, the Core Planning Team delivered its presentation to the company president.