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C&SCommand and Support
C&SClean and Sweep (military operation)
C&SCasualty & Survivability
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At intermediate powers, the light comes from both the core and shell, and so appears orange.
are the total energies of the separate individual core and shell un-relaxed structures, respectively.
Nonadiabatic DFT-based dynamics, coupled with the surface hopping method, was used to study the effects of the core and shell compositions on energy relaxation rates in these systems.
In this study, soft-core/hard-shell latex particles with different shell ratios, core and shell glass transition temperatures ([T.
Core and shell tubes were directly connected to the syringe pumps.
The ability to control and modify the chemical nature of the core and shell of the nanoparticle may afford utility of these materials in a wide range of drug delivery applications, the parties added.
To restrain the fluorinated groups from migrating to the inside of the film, the core and shell of the particles were crosslinked with crosslinking agent.
The building has been accepted to the pilot core and shell program of the U.
Green Building Council (USGBC) is currently accepting pilot applications for the newly developed LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Core and Shell Rating System.
With this instrument, a focused beam of electrons bombarded the particles, creating a map of both the core and shell structures.
However, an interlayer (slight difference in contrast from the core and shell phases), which is the transition layer between the core and the shell phases, has also been observed.