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COREPERComitato dei rappresentanti permanenti (Italian: Permanent Representative Committee; EU)
COREPERComité dos Representantes Permanente (French: Committee of Permanent Representatives of EU Member States)
COREPERComité des Représentants Permanents (French: Committee of Permanent Representatives; EU)
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COREPER genel itibariyla Bakanlar Konseyinin yardimci organi olarak iki bolume ayrilmistir.
Such meetings take place at ministerial and Coreper level but could be supplemented with similar meetings at working group level where the dossiers to be decided on in the Council are prepared.
During a COREPER meeting last week, Berlin and Amsterdam blocked Turkey's accession talks.
EUobserver has reminded that any decision to list Hezbollah would be taken by EU foreign ministers, following political dsicussions on its implications for EU foreign policy by EU diplomats in the so-called Coreper, MaMa and Relex Council units.
He noted that Ministers have almost reached an agreement apart for a limited number of articles and have mandated the ad hoc working party and COREPER to continue their examinations on the above open issues.
The first annual COREPER reports reflected strict interpretations of the Community's actor capabilities.
COREPER is responsible for resolving on a ministerial level many of the most difficult and sensitive issues for providing assistance to the Council members, and for collaborating with the Commission in preparing and submitting proposals to the Council.
The Permanent Representatives Committee - Coreper - approved on 20 February 2015 the final compromise text on the implementation of the landing obligation for fisheries or "omnibus regulation".
After two days of meetings by the COREPER group made up of the ambassadors of the EU member states, the Irish Presidency said that at the summit of the European Council on 27 and 28 June, only setting Serbia a date for talks would be discussed.
The first reflection was seen in the annual COREPER report on the EC-EFTA relationship as early as in 1981.
Whether this appeal of the EU Commissioner is heard by the member states will be known following the Brussels meeting of COREPER -- a working body made up of the ambassadors of the EU member states defining the content of the conclusions and the course of the summit in December.
Coreper also reached agreement on a prohibition on exports of dual use goods and technology for military use in Russia or to Russian military end-users.