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CORGCommittee on Research Grants (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council; Canada)
CORGCentres d'Opérations et de Renseignement de la Gendarmerie (French: Operations Centers and the Gendarmerie Intelligence)
CORGCombat Operations Research Group
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After installing all hardware modules, network equipment and peripheral devices, technical crew can command the CORG to perform CMS adaptation.
Based on gathered information about local peripheral devices, CORG identifies the necessary software packages for each module, and transmits them to the modules.
At the end, the organization firmware informs the CORG about the accomplished adaptation, and waits for further commands.
For both fertilizers the apparent N utilization tended to increaseslightly in those soils with higher Corg contents.
The N release from a given soil was not obviously related to its Corg content.
sandy versus silty soils) it was indicated that soil Corg content within each group might play a certain role for the apparent N utilization.
Si se considera que la relacion Cmic/Corg asocia la biomasa microbiana a la dinamica del carbono en el suelo y por ende su disponibilidad en el mismo (Gallardo y Schlesinger 1994), y que esta representa la proporcion de Corg contenido en la biomasa microbiana (Turner et al.