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CEMPComprehensive Emergency Management Plan
CEMPConstruction Environmental Management Plan
CEMPCorporate Environmental Management Program (University of Michigan, Business School)
CEMPCCAMLR Ecosystem Monitoring Program
CEMPCommunity Environmental Monitoring Program (Nevada Test Site radiation levels monitoring)
CEMPComprehensive Environmental Management Plan
CEMPCertified Expert Mobile Security Professional (Lunarline School of Cybersecurity; various locations)
CEMPCorps of Engineers Directorate of Military Programs
CEMPCommunity Environmental Management Programme
CEMPColumbus Environmental Management Project (Ohio)
CEMPCivil Emergency Management Program
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Examining the environmental activities of suppliers is an important part of a corporate environmental management program. Home Depot, the largest company in the home building and improvement industry, requires that any of its 5,000 suppliers making an environmental claim be certified by an independent company, Scientific Certification Systems, as to the accuracy of this claim (Lober and Eisen, 1995).
Just over a year ago, a group of 19 companies formed the Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI), an organization whose primary goal is to foster an exchange of the knowledge gained from existing corporate environmental management programs. GEMI worked with the International Chamber of Commerce in its development of the Charter for Sustainable Development and strongly urges continued corporate leadership on the subject of environmental management.
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