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CERTComputer Emergency Readiness Team (US government)
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CERTCritical Emergency Response Team
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CERTCouncil of Energy Resource Tribes (group of Native American tribes with energy resources, since 1976; Denver, CO and Washington, DC, USA)
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CERTCorporate Equity Reduction Transaction (US IRS)
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If these companies incur a net operating loss (NOL) in 2013 or 2014, the corporate equity reduction transaction (CERT) rules could provide an unpleasant surprise and limit the carryback of NOLs.
Observation: Normally, the tax law restricts net operating loss carrybacks generated by interest expense allocable to a corporate equity reduction transaction (CERT), in which one corporation acquires at least 50% of another's stock.
If a corporation experiences a "corporate equity reduction transaction" (CERT), it's prohibited for the year of the CERT and the two ensuing years (the loss-limitation years) from carrying back losses attributable to interest on debt allocable to the CERT.
172(b)(1)(E) and (h) limit the ability of a C corporation involved in a corporate equity reduction transaction (CERT) to use post-acquisition NOLs, arising from interest expense deductions in the year in which the CERT occurs (or in either of the two years succeeding that year), in any year prior to that year.
Unfortunately, some may find NOL carryback claims jeopardized by the corporate equity reduction transaction (CERT) provisions enacted in the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989 (OBRA) and included in Sec.
17, 2012, the IRS published a significant proposed regulation package (REG-140668-07) providing the first published guidance addressing corporate equity reduction transactions (CERTs) since the CERT rules were enacted in 1989.
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