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C2CCradle to Cradle (product design sustainability concept)
C2CCoast to Coast (walk)
C2CConsumer-to-Consumer (commerce)
C2CCenter to Center
C2CCam to Cam (webcam)
C2CCommunity to Community (Association; Bellingham, WA)
C2CComputer to Computer
C2CContainers to Clinics (Dover, MA)
C2CCorp to Corp
C2CChip-to-Chip (computer chip design)
C2CCash-To-Cash Cycle
C2CCity 2 City (Singtel)
C2CCare to Chat
C2CConcept to Customer
C2CCourage to Care
C2CCheck to Check (money transfer)
C2CCost to Company
C2CCommand and Control Constellation
C2CCollege to Corporate
C2CCadet 2nd Class
C2CCall to Consciousness (band)
C2CCouples 2 Couples
C2CCampus to Career (various schools)
C2CChance to Change (various organizations)
C2CCapacity to Change (various organizations)
C2CCarrier to Carrier Telecom (Netherlands)
C2CChance to Choose (various organizations)
C2CCoil to Can (aluminum can manufacturing)
C2CCar-to-Car (automotive technology)
References in classic literature ?
But I didn't let him get away," he said in triumph when he had dropped the clawing insect into the cyanide bottle where death came painlessly.
Lloyd's discovery of the "death bacillus" of the sea toad, and his experiments on it with potassium cyanide, sent his name and that of his university ringing round the world; nor was Paul a whit behind when he succeeded in producing laboratory colloids exhibiting amoeba-like activities, and when he cast new light upon the processes of fertilization through his startling experiments with simple sodium chlorides and magnesium solutions on low forms of marine life.
It is cyanide of cacodyl, and I have carried that small flask of it about with me for months.
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