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CTSECentral Test Sire Evaluation (sheep breeding; Australia)
CTSECentro Tecnico-Scientifico Europeo (Italian: European Scientific and Technical Center; EU)
CTSEChicago, Terre Haute, and Southeastern Railroad
CTSECentral Technical Support Facility
CTSECorps TOC (Tactical Operations Center) Support Element
CTSEClassification for Transport Statistics in Europe
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This enabled position location information and messaging over to the ANA Corps area, but when advisors entered the Corps TOC they lost satellite feed for the PLI as well as the associated satellite timing that keeps all of the radios in sync with the network.
To mitigate the Global Positioning System issue the LTI team installed satellite repeaters into the plenum of the Corps TOC to maintain GPS lock for all advisors throughout the day.
At the start of the train-up exercise, a full-blown Corps TOC was established.