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Also of note, the Corps of Commissionaires was the first recipient of the Esprit de Corps' award of Appreciation for their ongoing transition support for Canadian veterans.
Mr Burns said he would be speaking to the Corps of Commissionaires first.
He was himself wounded in 1916 and after retiring from the Army, he joined the Newcastle branch of the Corps of Commissionaires, and was employed by the Consett Iron Company.
Not so long ago, these reception areas in larger, conventional offices were the domain of the redoubtable Corps of Commissionaires, whose staff in their splendid uniforms were often drawn from military backgrounds.
The tribunal heard that the colleague, who was not called to give evidence, has continued to be employed by the Corps of Commissionaires, the company which has the contract to provide security for the centre.
In addition to the existing guard force under the Corps of Commissionaires, the Legislature has created four new Security Detail Officer Positions falling directly under the Sergeant-at-Arms.
Gus was also a member of the Corps of Commissionaires for many years and was instrumental in involving the Military Historical Society in the establishment of the Moorabbin/Canakkalei Twin Cities project and other commemorative activities.
Interestingly, much of this attention has been on airports (such as Pearson International in Toronto, which was among the first to be transformed into mass private property), where screening has been contracted out to a transnational, private security firm, rather than to airports deploying the traditional Canadian Corps of Commissionaires (the corps is discussed in the next section).
He retired, at the age of 65, and joined the Corps of Commissionaires meeting members of Royalty and many famous people when on hospitality suites but resigned after 10 years due to ill health.
Exceptions to these acts exist for members of the police, the Corps of Commissionaires, full-time employees of a company engaged in security-related duties, and armed security officers.
The Canadian Corps of Commissionaires, a private, not-for-profit organization with a mandate to create meaningful employment for former members of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, know this and emphasize it when they recruit from the CAF or RCMP
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