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CORFLUCorrection Fluid (science fiction fandom)
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READ:Enrile comes out of retirement for Senate return The form was corrected by the Comelec and deleted the "wo" part with correction fluid.
The information was corrected after more than an hour with few letters erased using a correction fluid to make it into 'businessman.'
Unfortunately for Liquid Paper, Wite-Out has become the generic term for correction fluids in general.
Dr Mrinalini Darswal, project director of Delhi State AIDS Control Society, told Mail Today: " As per orders of the Juvenile Justice Board, the Delhi government has been directed to issue a ban on sale of correction fluid, bottle thinners and vulcanised solution with immediate effect to children below the age of 18 years unless the child is accompanied by parents or guardians or has a letter from school authorities signifying their assent to purchase the same." " It is the first step in children becoming drug addicts and it has been studied that children always start with these substances.
No more correction fluid! Up to 29,000 character memory.
These wry statements flood the imaginary neighborhood that Evans calls the "jazz district," in a crowded, palimpsest-like diagram heavily worked and reworked using tape and correction fluid, where the streets are inhabited by ghostly outlines of buildings, furniture, and people.
Forget about crossings out and correction fluid. The ultimate pen for crossword and Sudoku addicts, and the perfect pen for writing personal letters, memos and notes.
Marking your pole with correction fluid or marker pen to be able to reset the float to the correct depth after moving it is essential.
Imagine if Bette Nesmith Graham had never invented Liquid Paper Correction Fluid.
Most of us would never have believed that mass voting fraud was taking place in the city - with elections being won or lost on the basis of postal voting papers stolen from frightened postal workers or altered with correction fluid.
Sweeney had painted over the grim epitaph to his girlfriend with correction fluid in an attempt to cover his tracks.
It's like correction fluid and can be used on white bathroom suites and kitchen sinks and appliances.