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Dr Mrinalini Darswal, project director of Delhi State AIDS Control Society, told Mail Today: " As per orders of the Juvenile Justice Board, the Delhi government has been directed to issue a ban on sale of correction fluid, bottle thinners and vulcanised solution with immediate effect to children below the age of 18 years unless the child is accompanied by parents or guardians or has a letter from school authorities signifying their assent to purchase the same.
Alan Jones, 69, from Rhewl, Mostyn, paints marine scenes with white correction fluid on black card.
BicC Consumer Products USA, meanwhile, recently expanded its Ecolutions line of stationery products with the addition of pens, mechanical pencils, correction fluid and glue sticks.
The court was told how she had used correction fluid to blank out names on company cheques and replace them with her own.
If your bow is new and hasn't had any arrows shot through it yet, take some white correction fluid and mark the cam.
If you have metal rulers and squares that are hard to read because rust and grime have filled the indentations, brush correction fluid across the engraved marks.
Simply daub a small blob of white paint, Wite-Out correction fluid, or something similar on the heads of these screws.
Paint" the edge of the template with white correction fluid to seal the edge, making it less absorbent when tracing with a fine-tipped marker.
Whereas boys aged 12-17 years were more likely to inhale nitrous oxide, sometimes sold in vials called whippets, to get high, girls that age were more likely to use just about every other form of inhalant, including glue, shoe polish, toluene, spray paint, correction fluid, aerosol hair sprays, and air fresheners (see bar graph, right).
Substances commonly used for huffing include spray paint, glue, computer duster, cooking spray, and correction fluid.
Among the findings of the OIG was that someone at the FBI had used correction fluid to alter the dates of FBI forms in an apparent effort to cover up violations of federal wiretap law.